(The official website of Christ Lutheran Church in Wantagh, NY is located here)

During a special era at the church in the 1970's, the musical program was
exceptionally varied. It included multiple choirs by age group, organ,
English Handbells, and a Folk Group.

This site is dedicated to all the members of the Christ Lutheran Church Folk Group
who through guitar and voice were able to sing praises to God in a manner not
previously heard at the church. Although the members have moved on in their
lives, the music they made still lives on at this site.

The core members during its later years of performing were:
Guitar: Darlene Golder, Lorri Bellone, Stephen Beck
Bass: Paul Reisch, Jr.
Vocals: Darlene Golder, Lorri Bellone, Charles Korz, Laura Neuf, and Stephen Beck
Special appearances by Mark Wallace on Guitar and recording session engineer/producer

Original recordings by Mark Wallace 1977, digitized 2010 by Stephen Beck:

Original recording (C) 1977 by Stephen Beck , digitized in 2010:

I know my memory isn't good enough to remember everyone who was ever involved
with the Folk Group, so please help me out. If you have any pictures,
recordings, corrections or updates from this time period, please let me know
by sending me an email at: CLCFolkgroup [at] liny [dot] net (the font is a bit
whacky, so the domain name is L-I-N-Y as in Long Island, New York [dot] net.

  (c) 2010 by Stephen Beck. Last updated March 4, 2010.